About Us

The Gluten-Free Bakeree is an independent, family owned bakery, which supplies breads and desserts to those with an intolerance to gluten.  It is a made-to-order bakery, allowing us to supply the freshest product to our customers.  Our vision is to produce bakery that will provide the quality of traditional bakery, without the gluten; "Gluten-Free and Flavor-Full."  

In 2005, the owner was diagnosed with gluten intolerance, and began looking for quality bakery that she could eat, and also serve to her family and guests.  After much disappointment with boxed offerings from local supermarkets, she began experimenting and converting old gluten filled recipes into gluten free delights.  An item does not appear on the menu until it is virtually indiscernible from its gluten filled alternative.

In 2008, she had a separate kitchen built in her home, in order to provide a gluten free baking environment, with no chance of cross contamination.  All ingredients are researched, through the manufacturer, to not only ensure that they do not contain gluten, but also are not processed on shared equipment with gluten containing ingredients.  All bake ware and utensils are solely used for gluten free products.

Hippocrates said, "Food is medicine, and medicine is food."  The Gluten-Free Bakeree is the medicine for those with gluten intolerance.